Debt Capital Markets 101: Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts that aim to educate you about the world of debt capital markets.

Armed with the knowledge that I will provide (at no cost to you), you will outperform other candidates in the competitive investment banking jobs market.

I have drawn upon my 12 years as a successful debt capital markets professional to provide the information you need, in a clear and concise format.

Why do you want to learn about debt capital markets?

Debt Capital Markets is an attractive industry to work in, with lots of competition for jobs.

Like other areas of investment banking, debt capital markets is well paid, challenging and enjoyable.

Unlike other sectors, the demand for debt capital markets services has been resilient throughout the financial turbulence of the last six years, resulting in fewer job cuts and less downward pressure on remuneration.

This section is for you if:

  • you are an undergraduate considering a summer internship;
  • a final year student or recent graduate applying for a bank analyst program (or graduate scheme); or
  • you are in another industry but would like to move into investment banking

The purpose of this category of posts is to provide background information on, and explain the key concepts within, debt capital markets.

(This section might also, therefore, be helpful to my former colleagues within the industry, if they wish to brush up on their knowledge…)

Spending time reading these posts (and asking questions using the handy comments section below) will benefit you by:

  • deepening your knowledge of the industry, making you more confident and concise during the application process (no one likes a bullsh*tter);
  • enabling you to differentiate yourself from less well-versed candidates; and
  • helping you to make informed decisions regarding your target roles within DCM

I hope you enjoy these posts and find them useful. I would be grateful for any comments or suggestions how I can make them better and more helpful to you. You can do this in the comments box below.

The other posts in this series can be found on this page here.

Until next time,


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